Jewel Box Antiques was originally started by Andy and Doris in the 1960's. They operated an Antiques Shop out of a home on Carrol Street near Akron University. The business continued to grow as did their family. Martin, Andralett and Anthony all helped in the shop at times but it was Doris's wish that her daughter, Andralett, continue with the their dream. 

Today, Jewel Box Antiques continues with the addition of offering quality antiques, we offer the service of Estate Sales / Tag Sales  ( in your home or ours ). We can arrange to set up in your home to sell your quality items or purchase the entire house full of items, furniture and all, and bring them to our facility on Rt. 619.  

Call and we can arrange to meet you at the home to review options for liquidating your estate!

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SPECIAL SALE for the whole MONTH of December, 2016! 
**ANY ITEM in our Hartville Shop valued at $100.00 ( or less ) is 1/2 OFF and Anything over $100.00 is 25% OFF

How We Got Started

Our Hartville Location is OVERFLOWING with items removed from homes that, for one reason or another, could not have a sale in their home. One example is that the house sold and there simply was not enough time to advertise and set up the contents for the homeowner or executor. possibly a condominium that the association would not allow the traffic in the community / development. In these cases, we PURCHASE the entire contents and offer them for sale EVERY WEEK at our permanent location in HARTVILLE.

Open 7 days a week. Daily 10:00 to 5;00 and Sunday 12:00 to 5:00 

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887 Edison Street NW ( Rt. 619 ), Hartville, OHio       

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